Music Colleges and Universities in Scotland
A quick break down of where you can study in further education

Perth College, Perthshire
Offers 10 courses: BA/BA Honours Popular Music Performance, BSc Audio Engineering, HNC Music, HNC Music Business, HNC Sound Production, HND Music, HND Music Business, HND Sound Production, NQ Music, NQ Sound Engineering
• Perth really focuses on the progression of musical education, automatically considering those who complete one level to continue on to the next in the music program
• Programs cover both practical and theoretical material, going further in depth the higher the level studied. The HND builds on the foundation of the NQ and HNC courses, with a major focus on breaking into the industry through more studio sessions, promotion, etc.
• BA and BA with Honours, which is the only college in Scotland to offer this level of study in Music, covers all the modern musician’s needs in performance, production, research, and management to prepare for real world situations in the industry


Stevenson College, Edinburgh
Offers First Certificate in Music, Certificate in Popular or Classical Music, Diploma in Popular of Classical Music, HND in Popular or Classical Music, and a BA in Music Performance
• The program stresses ensemble work, and is often designed for those students looking to gain access to higher education
• The diploma is for those wanted a music career but who need more time to develop in their chosen area of music, while the HND and BA are more specialized, catering to the student’s educational wants

Jewel and ESK College, Edinburgh
Situated over two campuses in Edinburgh and Midlothian, it is a further and higher education college that offers NQ, HNC, HND, and Music Business HNC courses.
• NQ Intermediate takes one year of full-time study, and really focuses on music production as well as honing musical skills in group and individual assignments
• HNC and HND take one year of full-time study, in the areas of performing, composing, and songwriting, with no parameters regarding style or genre. The HNC Traditional Music Program allows students to study traditional music while integrating modern technology into their work
• Music Business HNC focuses solely on the business aspect of the industry, including scouting for new acts and contractual obligations.
The Music Program as a whole focuses on an overview of the music industry, and allows for students to have a taste in performing, recording, and business practices. The program stresses that it prepares students for either higher study at a university level or for immediate employability in the music scene. It prepares for real-life practical situations, rather than theory.
Require an interview and audition in order to be accepted into the programs.

Stow College, Glasgow
Located in Glasgow, the college offers a BA in Commercial Music, HNC/HND in Music Business, HNC/HND in Music Performance for Rock or Pop
• This is a more specialized college experience that offers only Rock, Pop, and Indie as genres to study
• All full-time courses that aim to perfect a student’s understanding of the genre using a more practical-based approach to studying. This means more time in the studio and in live performances.


Napier University, Edinburgh
Offers both a BMus and a BA in Popular Music
• BMus is designed for practicing musicians and provides an equal emphasis on performance practice and academic studies. The programme encourages collaborations with other creative art students (for example the Film students) to further the creative capabilities of the musicians.
• BA equips students with the technical knowledge and realistic expectations needed to prepare for entering a highly competitive industry. Established skills are required for the programme, but students are able to explore new genres and recording techniques. This offers an intense focus on industry business knowledge.
Both programmes are designed to hone established skills to a professional standard, and the University offers strong support in career establishment after graduation.


University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
Offers a BMus in Music and in Music Technology
• Music programme spans over four years, combining a foundation of skills learnt in Years 1 and 2 with opportunities for individualized courses and specializations in Years 3 and 4.
• Music Technology combines music with science and technology, aiming to stimulate creativity and innovation inside and outside of the classroom. In addition the programme pushes students to challenge current issues involving art and technology.


University of Glasgow, Glasgow
Three major programmes: BMus, Music MA, and Bed Music
• BMus offers a comprehensive course for one year, followed by two to three years of special interest development. Its three core programs are composition, history, and performance. Year 2 finds students studying general music techniques, followed by two compulsory courses in Year 3 of historical topic and historiography, completed by complimentary courses in either composition or performance.
• The MA, which includes a dissertation or a portfolio presentation, is a rigorous programme which hones skills to a professional standard
• BEd, in conjunction with the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, ultimately gives graduates a teaching qualification which can kick start a career in music tuition.


Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow
Provides a BMus (Honours)
• This four-year programme is more custom-made for individual needs and career goals. It seeks to prepare graduates for specialist postgraduate study or employment. A major feature of the programme is the development of Career and Enterprise Skills, and its core units are: key practical studies, practical and contextual studies, and applied Academic Studies.


If you require any further information about where you can study music, feel free to call us on (0131) 447 1117 and one of our teachers will be only too happy to help.





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